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Family Support

Family Support

Home on the Hill provides a variety of support opportunities for family members of those with a serious mental illness. We emphasize the creation of a respite community in which participants feel free to share personal experiences and express themselves in a safe environment. 

Have a family member with serious mental illness.


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Art Expressions

Art Expressions is an activity that encourages caregivers of persons with severe mental illness to relax by expressing themselves through art, and to share freely in a safe environment. Various media are used, including but not limited to paints, paper, clay, metal, and glass.
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Group Support

Family members of those with a severe mental illness are able to participate in our group support. We provide in person or online physical, creative, social, and educational activities with a special focus on self-care.
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One-on-One Support

We offer one-on-one support to family caregivers who are experiencing a decline in their wellbeing. Our focus is to provide opportunities to caregivers to recharge and explore various coping strategies.
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