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Therapies refer to additional treatments that are used alongside primary treatment to help improve a treatment's overall effectiveness. Examples of therapy used in people with serious mental illness are Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), alternative medicine, and recreation therapy. 

Dr. Michael Best

Cognitive Therapies for Psychosis

Dr. Michael Best is a professor at the University of Toronto Scarborough and conducts research on CBT for psychosis (CBT-p)
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Dr. Christopher Bowie

Cognitive Remediation in Psychotic Illness

Dr. Christopher Bowie is a professor and the Director of Psychology at Queen's University.

Dr. Michael Best

CBT Strategies for Caregives and Their Families

Dr. Michael Best discusses how Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can help family caregivers.
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Joanna Cheung

Art Therapy

Joanna Cheung is an Art Therapist and Social Worker from Markham Stouffville Hospital. She presents the history, meaning, and effectiveness of art therapy.
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