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Health System

Health System

Health System refers to the infrastructure, policies, resources, and services available to address mental health needs within the healthcare system. This involves organization, delivery, and coordination of mental health services to promote the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and support of individuals with serious mental illness.

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Kevin Frankish

Anxiety, Depression, and the Healthcare System

Kevin Frankish co-hosted Breakfast Television until 2018. He now hosts The Happy Molecule Podcast, a podcast that brings awareness to mental health issues.
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Dr. Richard O'Reilly

Why The Systems Fail Families and What Families Can Do About It

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Dr. Richard O'Reilly is a professor of psychiatry at Western University. He also leads a genetic research program in Schizophrenia.
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Dr. Nick Kates

Achieving an Authentic Family Voice in Collaborative Person and Family Centred

Dr. Nick Kates is a professor of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neuroscience at McMaster University.
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Susan Inman

What Families Need From the Mental Health System

Susan Inman is the author of 'After Her Brain Broke, Helping My Daughter Recover Her Sanity", and focuses on the varying needs of families coping with psychotic illnesses.
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