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Challenges within

Mental Health System

The following articles are written by Dr. David Dawson, a psychiatrist, and Marvin Ross, writer, publisher and father.  They touch on the challenges which families have experienced withing the current mental health system.  These articles are re-printed here with the explicit permission of

Lights in the Dark

Mental Health Privacy Policies Leave Families in the Dark

The biggest complaint is the failure of the health system to provide them with information.


Families provide ongoing care, support and housing,and yet the privacy legislation in most jurisdictions in both Canada and the U.S. prohibit staff from talking to them.

Older Woman Outside

Parents of the Mentally Ill Need Recognition Too

nothing for the parents of the mentally ill who suffer almost as much as their children.

We parents carry much of the burden for the care of our ill offspring but we are ignored. And, we are often ignored and shunned by the professionals.

Female Lecturer

An Advisory Panel For Mental Health Issues Must Include Those Directly Affected

Include family caregivers? And if not, when will that gaping problem be corrected?

It took six months for her to get a reply, "that did not answer my question."

Image by Francisco  Moreno

Serious Mental Illness, Care-Giver Stress and the Mental Health Commission of Canada

Stressful for families; it impacts them financially, emotionally, socially and physically.


Reviewing the Laws

Does the Mental Health Care System Discriminate Against Family Caregivers?

A mother filed a discrimination complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission against two local health authorities. And while she did not win her argument, she feels that she did win a moral victory.


Old Friends

Involve Parents, Involve Parents, Involve Parents.

A better understanding of the delights and limitations of the teenage mind/brain than we ever had before. This at a time when the parents themselves are not Victorian but grew up in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s

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