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Home on the Hill is a Charitable Organization founded by the families of people with serious mental illness. It was incorporated in 2011 and received charitable status in 2012. Our Business Number is

We serve individuals who have a severe and persistent mental illness and their families. We believe in providing this community a voice. Our programs support families and their loved ones with recreation therapy, art programs, caregiver support services, peer support, and mental health advocacy. 

Often, the people we serve have not accessed services from mainstream mental health agencies.  Many have the symptom of anosognosia and lack insight that they have an illness, so believe that they do not need service.


In addition, their families are also not considered part of the “circle of care” by the formal system.  The 2013 Guidelines from the Mental Health Commission of Canada, which would pave the way for the family voice to be incorporated into the formal mental health system remain largely unimplemented to this day.

Home on the Hill proudly supports the Guidelines of the Mental Health Commission of Canada and incorporates the recommendations into our model of care.  




To facilitate systemic change by recognizing that mental health needs will never be addressed completely without the inclusion of family and friends who care.


To provide an inclusive circle of supportive care, education and respite for families and their loved ones affected by serious mental illness living in our community.


  • To be authentic in empowering those we serve -different clients have different needs.

  • To be engaged in fostering a sense of community and integration.

  • To offer information transparently and balance this with a need for the client and regulatory confidentiality.

  • To provide a respite environment for growing, learning, and sharing.


In Memoriam to our Founder
Robert M. Veltheer, BA, MBA, CPA, CA 
President, Home on the Hill Supportive Housing

Financial Statements

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